Pilgrim Hats


If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?  Pilgrims! Ha!  Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  How about gathering all the kids together and do a fun craft?!  Pilgrim hats made out of candy!  What could be better?!  These even make adorable favors to sit at each place setting at your Thanksgiving table!What […]

Thanksgiving Stuffing


 Here is the most delicious and moist stuffing you will ever taste!  It is just perfect for your Thanksgiving feast–a real crowd pleaser!  Your guests will be sure to gobble it right up!Ingredients:  1 1/3 C butter, 3 C celery finely chopped, 3 C onions finely chopped, 1-16 oz. package Pepperidge Farms herb seasoned stuffing […]

Turkey Hat

Add beak

 Try out this fun turkey hat to help your kids get ready for Thanksgiving!  What you’ll need: Scrap paper, paper plate, markers, glue, stapler, scissors.   Cut paper plate in half.   On the BACK of the plate, color the feathers.   Cut two strips of orange paper for the legs.  Fold them.   Glue […]

3 Jobs

3 Jobs

My husband, Jeff, is one of the hardest workers I know.  He has a full-time technician job, a part-time job as a business associate, and also is a US Marine Reservist.  Logan loves being with Daddy–playing baseball, using tools, wrestling, and going for bike rides.  One day, Logan (age 4) said, “When I grow up I’m […]

Turkey Treat Bags


  Try these cute treat bags for your kids this Thanksgiving!  They also make cute place cards on your table! Cut a piece of tulle about 6 inches by 6 inches.  Add fall candy.  If you can’t find fall M&Ms, use Reese’s Pieces. Gather tulle around candy and secure with red pipe cleaner. Bend tip […]

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole

As a kid, veggies were never my first pick.  My ideas of veggies were french fries, corn on the cob, and broccoli cheese soup!  Even now I still scrunch my nose to most vegetables but not at this recipe!  It is the only way I enjoy sweet potatoes and even my own anti-veggie children will […]

Flashlight Walks

Fall Activities

  Looking for a fun activity to do now that it gets dark so early?  Try a flashlight walk!  Yes, you may have to bundle up depending on the weather.  But, everyone gets to grab their favorite flashlight and use it on your family walk.  Grandpa created this activity with Annika and Logan and they […]

Hey fella!


Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls….so delicious–especially hot out of the oven.  One evening Amy joined our family for dinner and part of the way through the meal, I asked Jeff to pass me another one of the rolls that just melt in your mouth.  Then Amy asked for another roll as well.  Then Annika (age 3) […]

Acorn Treats

Acorn Treats

 Acorn Treats!  Here is a delicious treat your child can make as a favor at your Thanksgiving meal or just in honor of the fall season!  Gather the kids and let’s make this fun food craft! Things you will need:  Vanilla waters, Hershey Kisses, Peanut Butter chips, and peanut butter (use icing and either cinnamon or butterscotch […]

Pizza Roll-ups

Crescent Triangles

  Looking for an easy appetizer or snack?  Try these amazingly simple pizza roll-ups!  What you’ll need: Crescent rolls, pepperoni, and string cheese Roll out the crescent roll triangles onto your pan. Add 3 peppeorni to each triangle. Place half a stick of string cheese on top. Wrap the two short points of the triangle […]