Drive-in Movie Night

I am always looking for fun things to do with the kiddos that won’t break the bank.  And when I came across this idea of a Drive-in Movie Night at home, I had to try it.  It was a HUGE success!

First, I set up a concession stand.  Popcorn, nachos, and assorted candy.  Yes, you could do a healthy version of this but we were going all out.  I created the banner in Publisher in about 10 minutes and attached it to ribbon I already had.

Next, I made the “cars”  by attaching plates for the wheels to a couple of boxes.

I made them comfy by adding blankets and pillows.

I gave the kids markers and they decorated their cars.

Logan had to have black tires like Lightning McQueen!

I planned on making tickets for the kids to use to “buy”  the snacks but forgot and then ran out of time when I did remember.  So, I grabbed all of my travel cards (hotel, airlines, car rentals, etc) to use as tickets.  They worked great.

The kids really enjoyed “buying”  their own food.

They picked out whatever they wanted (everything was worth 1 ticket) and paid me.

Once they had their snacks and were in their cars, we started the movie!  It was a great evening and we all had a wonderful time making memories together.  And, it only cost me about $7 total!

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