Roller Coasterin’

I love being an aunt.  I look forward to the times I can spend with Annika and Logan and am constantly looking for new things for us to try together.  They come to my house regularly and I try to have plenty of entertainment for them.

Last summer I was looking for something to add to my backyard for them.  I ended up buying a blow-up pool.  It. Was. A. Mess.  Trying to keep it from getting holes, keeping enough water in it, keeping it clean (gross!), and then having to watch the kids like a hawk when they were swimming was not the summer experience I had in mind.

So, this year I spent a little extra time researching my options for outdoor entertainment.  I think I found the PERFECT thing.  It’s sturdy, weather resistant, good for kids ages 2-10, and the kids can be self-reliant while playing on it .   What is it?  Step 2’s Extreme Coaster.   (No, I am not getting anything from Step 2, I just love this product.)

There are steps in the middle of the track that the kids use to push the cart back into place. (Which means I don’t have to do it for them.  VERY important!)

The track is 11 feet long and the cart goes a good 20 yards beyond it in my grass.  They love how far it goes and are getting plenty of exercise rolling it back into place.

It was easy to put together.  It would have been easy to put together if Dad and I had read the directions.  It does work best to have 2 people to put it together.

Just look at the fun they’re having!  And, I’m sitting back in the shade, sipping my peach tea while they play.  Perfect.  The only down side?  They asked me to get another one so they could race each other!


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