Tin Can Scarecrow


We had so much fun making these tin can scarecrows.  If you’re looking for a fall activity for your kiddos, definitely give this a try!  What you’ll need:

 Tin cans, felt (in multiple colors), raffia, scissors, glue, and tiny hats (found in the doll section of the craft store for less than a buck!)


First, measure and cut tan or light yellow felt to fit aroud can.

 Add a generous amount of glue.

Attach to can.

And generously glue the other end on top.


 Cut out eyes and glue down.

Add a nose…

and a mouth.


 Make a scary face! (Very important step!!)

Lightly stuff some raffia into the can making sure that a lot of it sticks out.

Top with the hat and you’re all set!

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